Resurrection Adventures

Paul Alexander

Resurrection Adventures

A Blog, Celebrating the Historical Resurrection of Jesus Christ,

As Interpreted in Act 2

A Key Text: “That I may know him and the power of his resurrection,” Philippians 3:10

There will be two distinct aspects to this blog.  The first will be autobiographical, focusing on the way my family roots influenced my philosophy of life and ministry and then the way the Lord led me in the development of my philosophy of ministry over the years of my active ministry.  This will include my loving critique of the contemporary church, focusing primarily on the ministry of the church, its pastors, missionaries and leaders.

It is my intention to keep both aspects under the control of the gospel of Jesus Christ as I understand that gospel.  It will be evident that I understand this gospel as that wonderful Biblical narrative which comes to a grand climax in the second chapter of Acts.  In this key chapter, Peter proclaims Jesus as both “Lord and Christ” in the Kingdom of God and Jesus baptizes his church with the Holy Spirit. This Baptism in the Spirit empowers his people to conquer sin, Satan and the world for Christ.  This gospel of the Kingdom is the theme in each of the four gospels and through all of Acts.  The  epistles then develop, amplify and illustrate this gospel of the Kingdom for all of God’s people and all of God’s  world.  Finally, the book or Revelation points to the awesome conclusion of this gospel narrative.  Here the Holy Spirit points to the final triumph of the Trinitarian God over the whole universe and the final triumph of the church in history.

I am calling this blog RESURRECTION ADVENTURES because I believe our Savior’s bodily resurrection from the grave was a grand adventure for Him and leads all of his children into one grand RESURRECTION ADVENTURE after another until we arrive at last in the Eternal Glory.  Because Satan, “the prince of the power of the air” is still a dreadful force at work among us, we must suffer even in the midst of our Resurrection adventures.  Yet we know that the final day of RESURRECTION is coming when Christ will return from Heaven with a shout and we will be forever with the Lord.
Keeping these realities in mind, it will be my purpose to address a number of related themes in an effort to edify and bless family, friends and any who may take the time read, to deal with a wide variety of subjects under this theme and to encourage God’s people to live up to their RESURRECTION identity in Christ (Romans 6:3-4).

Partial list of Authors, Bibliography

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Richard Gaffin: 1. Resurrection and Redemption, 2. Perspectives on Pentecost   Sidney Greidanus: 1. The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text, 2. Preaching Christ from Genesis
Graeme Goldsworthy: 1. Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture,
2. Goldsworthy Trilogy

Bryan Chapell: 1. Christ-Centered Preaching
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2. Paul
Walter Kunneth: 1. The Theology of the Resurrection
Oliver O’Donovan: 1. Resurrection and Moral Order
Lesslie Newbigin: 1. Truth to Tell – The Gospel as Public Truth


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