Pastor Paul Alexander Announcing:



Your Cordial Invitation to Eavesdrop

Dear Friends,

I am embarking on a letter writing adventure!

I plan to write a series of letters to my own four children.  The Lord has wonderfully blessed me and my dear wife Lorraine through all the years of our marriage and I want to pass on to my own dear children a small part of the counsel our gracious Lord has given us over these years.  Our Risen Lord and Savior has enabled us to discover His grace over our years together.  Through His written word and by the power of his Holy Spirit He has been speaking the life of His gracious word into our hearts.

Now I am praying that the Risen One will empower my humble effort to “pass it on”.  I hope to strengthen our own beloved children in their ministries to their own children and grandchildren and to their fellow church members and friends wherever they may meet.   Our Savior-King has commissioned all of us with this Royal task of spreading life through His Word to any and all whom we may meet.

And you are cordially invited to eavesdrop!

I want to send these letters to anyone who might be interested, and I will also put them on my   blog. Though the letters are first addressed to our own four children, they will be appropriate for members of our WIDER family to read.  That WIDER family especially includes all our dear brothers and sisters who served alongside us both at Westminster Presbyterian Church and at Westminster Christian Academy in Huntsville, Alabama.  You are especially dear to us because of those 43 years we spent among you.

Our WIDER family also includes our Ukrainian Christian brothers and sisters whom we dearly love.  You blesse us greatly while we were serving among you and hope these letters might be some blessing to you.  Then while I was Interim Pastor at North Hills in Huntsville and finally Assistant Pastor at Trinity in Union, Missouri, we were privileged to minister alongside some of God’s choice servants.   May our gracious Lord bless all of you and ANY others who may receive these “LETTERS TO MY DEAR CHILDREN”.

Below are two recent pictures [only in email version] of our children, grand-children and great-grand-children.  We hope you will join them in reading these letters.  We will not try to give you names which were printed in our Christmas letter.  I give you both pictures because we were not able to get everyone there at once.

What You May Expect in My Letters

 I believe it may be helpful to you if I divide my letters into two distinct parts for easier understanding:

FIRST, I will try to give you a “main thought” that will run through both sections.  In the first part I will develop that  ”main thought” in a popular style for easy reading  adapted to children and adults alike.  Hopefully this first section of each letter will be uncluttered by theological or other kinds of technical terminology.  It might even be read as a part of “family worship” because of its adaptability to all maturity levels.

SECOND, I will (usually if not always) add a section simply entitled: REFLEXIONS.  In this “reflexions” section I will try to lead you through the Biblical and Theological basis for what I have just said in the FIRST section.   This might be a bit technical so that it could be helpful to give quotes from other writers, even documented quotes so that you could pursue the sources on which I base my remarks.

Prepare for a Recurring Emphasis

My own pilgrimage through life and through the Bible has led me to deepening convictions on the importance of  the resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This reflects my conviction that Peter, Paul and John had this emphasis in all their writing and preaching.   Not that they ever minimized the cross or the crucifixion.  They just saw the resurrection and ascension as illuminating the crucifixion and the whole gospel message.   This resurrection/ascension emphasis characterizes the entire New Testament, and it comes to a beautiful climax first in Acts 2 and then in the whole book of Revelation.

This emphasis has become an increasing joy to me as I have discovered it in scripture.  I hope it will help meet the needs of your heart and the hearts of those whom you may influence for Christ.

 And I want to invite your response.  You are welcome to correspond with me about these letters.  I will do my best to reply and might even do so by writing one of these letters so that everyone might benefit from your question.

But please pray for me in this new adventure in the ministry.  I sincerely want to be a blessing first to my own dear children, then to any and all who may read these “LETTERS”.

May our ever gracious Lord continue to bless our KINGDOM MINISTRIES while we wait with joyful anticipation for our great King to return for the perfection of His Kingdom in eternal glory.

For the glory of the Lion/Lamb

Pastor Paul Alexander











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