Proposed Book: Discovering the Love of God #31

Apology and Invitation to Help Me

            Please accept my humble apologies for delaying so long between blogs.  My lame excuse is that I got badly distracted by my sputtering efforts to write a book.  I submitted my first three chapters to an agency that may publish it eventually, but I have run into a snag.  My prospective publisher is making a suggestion that is going to stress my enfeebled 82 year old brain.

He told me that my book sounds like good preaching, but needs to adapt itself more to a reading audience.  To him it appears that I leave too many thought gaps between thoughts that are typical of good preaching, but not allowed in writing a book.  For this reason, he is encouraging me to send what I have written to prospective readers and ask them to “brutally critique” my writing from that perspective.

So, after neglecting you all these months, I am going to have the unmitigated gall to ask for your help!  Can you imagine that!  I can hear you saying, “Just like that preacher to drop this bomb on us!!!”

Well, awful as this is, I am gonna do it.   I am going to start sending  parts of this book to you, requesting your critiques.  First I am going to send you the Foreword which  is about 4 pages long – probably straining the edges of what may be tolerated in a blog.  Then I will send the chapters a few pages at a time, trying to select discreet sections that will be comprehensible.

Please write me by email and let me know if you will be willing to do as this editor is asking –“brutally critique” my writing, complaining where you see the kind of gaps he is complaining about.  How does this sound to you?

You now have the opportunity to make a major contribution to my feeble brain before it utterly succumbs to encroaching alzheimers.

I hope to get the foreward on the blog site by tomorrow at the latest.


My email address is


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