The Educator’s Delight #23


Introducing the WONDERS of God

 Driving by a public school one day with my 6 year old daughter, she asked me what the difference was between that school and her own.  I tried to make it a brief and simple answer, mentioning that public schools do not teach anything about God. Her response surprised me.

“What DO they teach, then, Daddy?” she asked, implying by the way she asked the question that they must have little or nothing to teach.  I have to confess that I agreed heartily with her tone of voice and the force of her question.  Because God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things, to leave Him out of education is to leave out the most meaningful part of reality.  It is to leave out the WONDER factor.  God has imparted something of the WONDER of his own being to everything He has created, to everything He is sustaining.  As an artist may sign his name in the corner of a picture he has painted, so

God has signed his name on every part of his creation.   That is what David was saying in Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

This is one of the major reasons why it is so much fun to raise children and grandchildren.  It is your high and holy privilege to introduce them to reality, to show them all the amazing things in their world – flowers that bloom in Spring, frogs that hop on the grass, sunsets that glow in the West, waterfalls that roar over precipices.  Then there is mathematics, chemistry, biology and astrophysics.  You open the page for them to gaze upon these remarkable realities.  And each of these subjects are all filled with WONDER.  They are all the work of God and by their very nature MUST display the AWESOME WONDERS intrinsic to GOD Himself.

Allow me to refer to a noted Chrisitian educator from Holland, Abraham Kuyper.  He saw Evolutionism as a rival educational philosophy which taught that “life could be derived from non-life, that mere mechanisms could produce organic life”.  He scorned such ideas as not only a theological outrage but as a philosophical impossibility, a mere figment of the Humanistic imagination, something that had never happened and never could happen.  (Here I am summing up many pages (284-289) from James D. Bratt’s biography of ABRAHAM KUYPER, 2014).

Meanwhile, scripture towers over imaginative Humanistic evolutionary theory, like Mt. Everest towers over a bump in the road.  Scriptural teaching on the creation of man and all things is an unanswerable WONDER in itself.  The splendor of its simple teaching on the creation of man soars over all contrary speculation in the plain logic of its statement.  Then it is fully and finally confirmed in the bodily Resurrection of Christ which is nothing less than an unanswerable confirmation of the entire Bible including truth of creation.  National Geographic magazine may be beautifully colorful in its portrayal of evolutionary theory, but it is just wrong.

So, join me in encouraging parents, grandparents and churches to take great delight in educating their children.  Educators have the grand privilege and great joy of introducing children and young people to the WONDERS of God, WONDERS reflected in every particle of reality we ever see or experience in any way.  It is the consciousness of these wonders that fill us and our children with a powerful reverence for God and his world and make us want to follow the Creating, Redeeming Christ with all our hearts.


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