Theology: Queen of The Sciences Blog #21

Where the Bible Reigns Supreme

            Historians are agreed that the “University Movement” had its origin in the High Middle Ages, 1000-1300 A.D.  This was the period in history when it was common to refer to theology as the “Queen of the Sciences”.  In that period no thoughtful person would ever suggest that the Bible was not a “scientific textbook”.   It was the key textbook in all universities, studied endlessly by university professors and students alike.  The Biblical scriptures were regarded as the source of all true wisdom, a touchstone for all science.

William John Grassie, frequently quoted by Wikipedia, is a contemporary advocate of many liberal causes who acknowledges that theology was once recognized as the “queen of the science”.  He hastens on to say that “Theology departments today, however, are increasingly irrelevant backwaters in the modern university…”.  Grassie wants us to agree with him that all reality flows from what he calls “The Great Matrix of Being…” or “Big History” produced by the “new Epic Narrative of evolution.”

Christians today have to recognize that Grassie is just one spokesman for that chorus of liberal opinion now dominating our Academic and Intellectual world.  These are the folks who have entirely forgot that the Bible was once the key textbook for the whole world of professors, teachers and students.  The Bible was regarded as the fundamental authority for all of thought, all of philosophy, all of science, in short – all of life.  There was no higher authority anywhere.  The bible lays claim to being the very WORD OF GOD.  The Apostle Paul regards scripture as “God-breathed” (II Tim. 3:16) and that means it filled with the authority and life-giving power of God Himself.

Theological Liberalism forgot and denied this historic fact.  These folks have spent their lives dedicated to denying any real significance to the Bible.  Following the so-called ENLIGHTENMENT (Voltaire and the 18th century), they have dedicated themselves to 3 centuries of “higher-critical” attack on the Bible.  There is a massive egotism and enormous hatred of God in this deadly movement.

In consigning  theology departments to the irrelevant backwaters of the modern university, they have done irreparable damage to our whole culture in two ways.  First by reducing God to a meaningless cipher, they have robbed mankind of that reverence for God and attendant respect for man that is intrinsic to any success worthy of the name.   Second, by reducing the law of God to mere opinion, they have denied man his next greatest need – an unchanging code of behavior capable of guiding all men in all circumstances.  The massive destructive impact of this “liberal victory” is a spiritual hydrogen bomb ripping the heart and soul of our culture to pieces.

Now we can be quite sure that all of this horror did NOT happen just because someone of many someones succeeded in popularizing the idea that “the Bible is not a scientific textbook”.   It is even a possibility in my mind that somebody who believes the Bible was the first one to say it, starting it on its way to acceptance and common-place usage.   It might have happened that way.

No matter how it started, we should object.  THEOLOGY is still the Queen of the Sciences.  We have good reason to recognize a high view of scripture as a basic principle of life that should rule in every age of human history.  The Bible is the most important scientific textbook we have.  This book teaches us the science of knowing God and loving God, knowing one another and loving one another, knowing and living under the ever-gracious authority of our RISEN LORD JESUS CHRIST.

That is what I am pleading for.  I am pleading for that view of the Bible that sees this great book as leading us to a crucified and resurrected Savior.  Ascended to glory and sitting upon the Throne our Lord is leading his church out of its sins, its failures, its trials and disappointments to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and to that majestic city where the Lamb is the Light.  What a wonder that this great “text-book” should conclude with those last two chapters where we will celebrate forever the glory and grandeur of final triumph in  the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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