A Brief Biographical Sketch

Paul and Lorraine Alexander

Brief Biographical sketch, Current Summer 2013

Pastor Paul Alexander is a graduate of Bob Jones University, 1954 and of Covenant Theological Seminary 1958. Paul’s wife Lorraine is a graduate of Columbia Bile College in Columbia, South Carolina.  The Alexanders have four children and ten grandchildren, with one more on the way.  Paul is the founder of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, where he served as pastor for 43 years.  During this time he also founded Westminster Christian Academy a school that presently enrolls about 700 students, k-12. Westminster Presbyterian Church was also active alongside Presbytery in planting 10 churches within a 200 mile radius of Huntsville.

Paul served as pastor of the Westminster congregation for 43 years.  During this time he served at one time or the other on nearly every major board in the denomination and completed 22 years on the board of Covenant Theological seminary in the year 2000.  He was vice-president of the board for several years and then chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee.  He was active in Presbytery and Synod of the old RPCES and served as moderator of Synod in 1975.  He participated in writing a number of study papers for the synod and served as Chairman of the judicial commission before our “joining-and-receiving” with the PCA in 1982.

During their later years in Huntsville, Pastor Paul and his wife Lorraine made several missions trips to Ukraine and developed a growing interest in our MTW ministry there.   In 2001, Pastor Paul was called to serve as Director of our Ukraine ministry.  He served in this capacity until the RESTORE THE GLORY church building in Odessa was completed in 2003.  Shortly after the church in Odessa was particularized, Pastor Paul asked to be named PASTOR OF CHURCH DEVELOPMENT, a job which freed him from administrative details and gave him more time to work more directly in the training of pastors and Ukrainian church leaders.

This new job also gave Mrs. Alexander (Lorraine) more time to work with missionary women, leading Bible classes and prayer groups.   She was hospitality chairman for our “small hotel”, temporary home for a constant flow of missionaries, missionary teams and Ukrainian church workers visiting our city.  The Alexanders frequently hosted TEAM WORSHIP, a Sunday afternoon function of our MTW team in Odessa.

In 2005, the Alexanders returned to the U.S., but Pastor Paul continued to travel frequently to Ukraine and continue both his church development work and his guidance for our Christian school. He also raised funds (about $50,000 per year) for the school, which enrolls about 50 students.

In April 2008, the Alexanders became part time with MTW. While in the U.S., they lead missions’ conferences, leadership training, and family seminars. Pastor Paul served one year as interim pastor in our North Hills congregation near Huntsville.  He also continued occasional work among our churches in Ukraine and periodically traveled to Muslim Central Asia (Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan) where he worked in church development and taught homiletics and other seminary subjects.

In April and May of 2012, Pastor Paul taught two conferences on eschatology, one in Belgorod Dinestrovsky and the other in Kiev.  Because two of the Alexanders daughters and their families live in St. Louis, Missouri Paul and Lorraine decided to relocate to that area. In June of 2012 the Alexanders resigned from MTW and moved to Union, Missouri, where Pastor Paul became a part time assistant to Rev. Curtis Crumpecker at Trinity Presbyterian church of Union.

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