A Brief Biographical Sketch

Paul and Lorraine Alexander

Brief Biographical sketch, Current Summer 2013

Pastor Paul Alexander is a graduate of Bob Jones University, 1954 and of Covenant Theological Seminary 1958. Paul’s wife Lorraine is a graduate of Columbia Bile College in Columbia, South Carolina.  The Alexanders have four children and ten grandchildren, with one more on the way.  Paul is the founder of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, where he served as pastor for 43 years.  During this time he also founded Westminster Christian Academy a school that presently enrolls about 700 students, k-12. Westminster Presbyterian Church was also active alongside Presbytery in planting 10 churches within a 200 mile radius of Huntsville. Continue reading

Resurrection Vocation

Resurrection Vocation (Blog # 3)

Vocation Re-defined in the Risen Christ

Our Savior was called by God to redeem us from our sins and give us new life.  This was his Vocation.   Jesus gave himself body and soul to completing his Mission, to fulfilling his Calling, to accomplishing his Vocation.  By raising Jesus from the dead, God was confirming the Savior’s success.  In his Resurrection God was vindicating Christ against Satan and all his enemies and declaring him King in the Kingdom of God (Acts 2:36). Continue reading

Conversion and Resurrection

Conversion And Call (Blog #2)

Ongoing Resurrection Adventure

Saul of Tarsus had a remarkable experience on the Road to Damascus.  Many  students of scripture believe that this was Saul’s conversion to Christ as well as his Call from God to serve as an Apostle.   I tend to agree.  Saul, who later called himself “the chief of sinners” was converted to Christ as Savior and called of God to be an Apostle at the same moment in history.  The blinding flash of light from heaven combined with the voice of the Savior accomplished these two great wonders – conversion and call – in the same moment of time.  This was Saul’s (Paul’s) first RESURRECTION ADVENTURE. Continue reading

Resurrection Adventures

Personal Call From God (Blog # 1)

A Biographical Beginning

God called me into the ministry when I was 19 years old.  After several months of deepening spiritual conflict, God brought me to the conviction that I must answer his call to become a preacher of the gospel.  The  Holy Spirit used Romans 5:1 to convince me that I was “justified by faith” and that I should give my life to preaching the glorious truth of salvation by grace.  Thus, my assurance of personal salvation and my call to the ministry came at the same moment in my life. Continue reading